IROS Student and Developing Countries Travel Award

We are pleased to announce the IROS Student and Developing Countries (IROS-SDC) Travel Award for IROS 2019.

The purpose of this IROS-SDC Travel Award is to assist student authors and authors from developing countries to defray some of their travel costs in order to attend and present their papers at the IROS conference and to interact with conference attendees. This IROS-SDC Travel Award aims to promote the growth of IROS conferences by reaching out to graduate students and members from the developing countries.

The award consists in partial travel support up to 600 USD, or 80% of the applicant’s air travel, whichever is smaller.


Applicants must satisfy the following two eligibility requirements:

Student authors (of accepted papers) or authors from developing countries (developing countries as defined by IEEE in IAWP Developing Country Listing).

Must be student members or members of IEEE RAS/IES, or RSJ, or SICE. (Note: Members of other IEEE Societies are not eligible.)


An online application form will be available for application submission after the paper acceptance is announced.

Application time window: June 30 - Aug 10, 2019

Award announcement: The travel award will be announced in 10 work days after the advance registration deadline.

For questions regarding SDC Travel support, please contact [email protected]