Call for Workshops & Tutorials


In IROS 2019, the organizers intend to arrange an extensive program of workshops and tutorials that will be held prior to and after the conference. Proposals for half-day or full-day workshops and tutorials with topics related to the conference theme are all welcome.

Important Dates






Workshop and tutorial proposal submission deadline





Notification of acceptance

Monday & Friday

4 & 8



Workshops and tutorials

Workshops should concentrate on presenting results and promoting discussions about an active research topic or a well-defined area of interest for the robotics community. We particularly prefer proposals with content or presentation formats that are not found within the main conference. Workshop proposals should discuss how the workshop will be organized in order to attract active participation of the attendees, encourage effective interactions between established experts and early-career researchers, promote comprehensive discussion on the selected topic, and establish useful links to fields outside of robotics. Organizers are also asked to describe the contributions of the invited speakers for enhancing the development of an engaging workshop.

Tutorials should focus on presenting principles, tools or methods associated with an established research field; with the goal of disseminating knowledge to a general audience. Tutorial proposals should identify proposed mechanisms for content delivery and identify how the proposed tutorial will promote the knowledge exchange function of IROS. We particularly welcome tutorial proposals that illustrate how the tutorial will be organized to increase the number of active participants, enhance effective communications between established experts and early-career researchers, promote comprehensive discussion in the research area, and establish useful links to fields outside of robotics.

When an invited speaker or organizer is on more than one workshop/tutorial proposal, this must be noted, including identifying which proposal he/she identifies as the most relevant to them. If good proposals on closely related topics are received, acceptance may be conditional based on merging similar proposals into one workshop/tutorial.

Proposals must be submitted via PaperPlaza and the following points addressed:

  • Type and Duration
  • Title
  • Organizers
  • Objectives
  • List of speakers
  • Intended auidence
  • Expected attendance
  • Why this workshop/tutorial is not expected to be covered by other IROS activities
  • Details of any other workshops/tutorials at IROS in which the proposers are involved
  • Support/Endorsements
  • Special requests (equipment or other issues)

Microsoft Word Template is available for preparation of your proposal. Upon acceptance, the organizers will be required to provide an abstract and a dedicated website for their workshop or tutorial.

For any enquiries concerning IROS 2019 workshops and tutorials, please send email to [email protected].